We care about our environment.

Mother nature is slowly giving up hope. We have abused and overused natural resources for decades. We are now feeling its backlash through global warming and/or climate change.


Environment Conservation is Key

We need to conserve our environment so that future generations will have something to utilize for their needs. We need to start yesterday. That’s how urgent this call to action is.

Let Us Rewrite History Once Again

Humans have the capacity to think and rationalize for themselves. This is what sets us apart from other creatures here on earth. Let us use that distinction to save our environment.

We are All Involved in This

It takes a lot of effort to overcome such a gargantuan task. We should therefore learn to work together as one in order to achieve our dream of a safer, healthier environment for our children.

Our lakes are our number one source of fish and other seafoods. It is also home to different creatures which nature needs to keep the equilibrium in place. This should be enough reason for us to preserve it in the state it is in now.

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jilec.org is the frontrunner in the preservation of lakes and lakeshore development in the entire region. Our battlecry remains, “Preservation, conservation, restoration!” We see our mission as a means to secure a better future of our children.