Board Appoints New JILEC Chairperson

Following the retirement of JILEC Chairman of the Boards, Mr. Abe Sato, the board has recently appointed Mr. Yari Mizuno as the new JILEC Chairman.

The 80-year old Sato formally announced his retirement following the last quarter meeting of the board. He says he wants to enjoy the remaining days of his life touring the world with his wife. “After dedicating 40 years of my life with JILEC, I think it’s time I spent some special moments with my family,” Sato said during the emotional send-off.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure working with such a dynamic and vibrant group of leaders and innovators,” continues Sato. My best years have been spent with such a nice group of people, it felt like I never left my home everyday when I came to work. That’s how wonderful JILEC is as a workplace and as a community of dedicated achievers.”

Mr. Mizuno, on the other hand, is the most senior member of the board of directors, which has him next-in-line in the succession of ranks. He inherits a very healthy and productive group. He hopes to continue what his predecessors have started. He brings to the table the same hard-nosed, hard-working, go-getter attitude that his colleagues are known for.

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