Fundraiser for Lake Cleanup Held

JILEC has recently sponsored a fund-raising campaign to increase awareness on cleaning up our lakes and other natural sources of water. The fund-raiser was aimed at the youth in our society, although people not belonging to the youth sector were also welcome to the event.

The program was organized by the youth movement at JILEC, headed by our Community Youth Representative Tanabe Shinobe. She led most parts of the program, doubling as Master of Ceremonies and Lead Facilitator at the same time.

“The event was a huge success,” begins Shinobe, “we were expecting only a handful to show up, but the actual turnout was a lot more than that. In fact, our registration form tallies confirm a total participant number of 325.” Shinobe also says this is the first time out-of-school youth were invited to such an event, and surprisingly, they came in droves to the event.

“We hope that this event will inspire us to lead by example. We wish to inspire the younger generation to take care of our environment. Because as of now, our planet Earth is all we have to live on. Let’s keep it living and livable, for our own sakes,” Shinobe ends his speech in such high spirits.

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