Greenpeace Signs New Pact with JILEC

The leadership of JILEC and Greenpeace International recently signed an agreement declaring all lakes around the world as ecosystem projects which will be monitored by both groups. For starters, the two groups pooled their resources together and come up with a fund that will be allotted for the preservation of lakes and other surrounding areas within.

The effort is another brainchild of JILEC, which continues to admonish a more humane way of treating our environment. This will definitely promote more goodwill and hopefully gain popularity among mainstream media to give it the due coverage it deserves. This is in line with the driving motto of the group, which is to “preserve lake life in order to preserve human life.”

The agreement centers on the control of fishing in most lakes and the cultivation of a healthier ecosystem, which will ensure the longevity and sustainability of life in those bodies of water. To make sure the agreement is kept, representatives from both JILEC and Greenpeace are present during the signing of the agreement, and will have representatives present throughout the year to address any issues which may arise regarding the lake monitoring activities.

Monthly meetings have been scheduled to keep tabs on updates and other details which may arise. Those meetings will be held at the JILEC offices, every last Friday of each month.


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