JILEC Gets Citation From UN

The United Nations  gave a very prestigious citation for the JILEC organization for having the best service record among all NGO’s presently working with UN. The award is called The United Nations Exemplary Performance Distinction and is given to the organization which best exemplifies the epitome of a well-organized, goal-driven, humane, and civic-minded organization.

This is a great accomplishment for JILEC, which aims to continue its efforts in the conservation and preservation of natural resources, especially those involved in lakes and other water resources we have around us. JILEC believes that by conserving our water systems, we ensure the sustainability of those said bodies of water and make sure the future generations will enjoy the same benefits from lakes as we do now.

The award will be given in a simple ceremony during the JILEC foundation week which will be held on the last week of August this year. Luminaries from the UN and the entire Management and staff of JILEC will be present during the momentous event. News coverage will be provided by CNN. Along with the plaque of appreciation will be a seed money in the amount of $100,000 which the group could use for future projects.

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