Jilec Leads Lake Akan Cleanup

JILEC recently partnered with World Wildlife Fund in an effort to promote nature preservation to the youth of today. Although Akan Lake is relatively clean and well-maintained by its year-round dedicated maintenance crew, a little bit of extra cleanup now and then will ensure that the lake reservoir is kept at its optimum state.

Lake Akan is home to many fresh water fish in that area and such species continue to thrive and increase in number. Not long ago, when there was not much attention given to our natural resources, some species of fish were on the brink of extinction. Fortunately, people took notice just in time, and JILEC was there to implement measures to curb the extinction of such rare fish breeds.

Members of both JILEC and WWF spent the day going around the lake to pick up some debris left in the nearby embankments, when fishermen or swimmers go out there. Some are also driftwood carried into the lake by strong rains and winds. Most of these are biodegradable, although it takes quite some time before this happens. Rather than wait for that to happen, cleanup is the best option for this situation.

This cleanup drive is an on-going project of JILEC and is usually done with partner organizations, NGOs or the community-at-large. This proves how dedicated we are to cleaning up the environment, and it truly starts in our own backyards.

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