Socials Held at JILEC Function

Proving that they are not a bunch of boring geeks and nerds, the members of JILEC held a social gathering among its group to let loose and relax a little bit. They are, after all, a very friendly and sociable group and this is proven once again during the aid event. Members were welcomed to a nice live band music which you could relax and chill to.

What good is a party without great food? The buffet table was overflowing with a good meal big enough to feed a small village. All the food were prepared by a group of volunteers who work with JILEC on such special events and occasions. The food was great, with lots of choices to choose from.

After dinner, the guests were invited to dance on the dance floor. They were encouraged to do so as they were told by the host that this is a good way to burn off those fats they have ingested earlier in the night. The project was a huge success, especially to the younger ones, as they experience a true camaraderie outside the office setting they are so accustomed to.

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