For the smooth and unhindered functioning of your car’s A/C system, the receiver drier, accumulator and expansion devices form a vital trifecta of components. The compressor unit is rightly called the heart of the A/C system. When choosing any of these AC components, the best strategy is to pick close to OEM standard.

Accumulators and Receiver Driers

Together the two components help manage the movement of refrigerant in and out of the A/C system. Additionally, the receiver/drier employs a desiccant that absorbs any moisture that may have seeped into the A/C system, either during service or owing to increased humidity in the atmosphere.

Our accumulators and receiver/driers showcase solid construction characteristics, and this high tolerance to varying liquid and vapor pressure in refrigerant promotes component durability. When you get a major A/C service done, consider JILEC accumulators and receiver/drier models for a quieter, more efficient A/C system that guarantees cooler in-car climate even during the hottest of days.


Like the heart in our body, the compressor in your too pumps highly pressurized refrigerant vapor into the condenser to kick off the refrigeration cycle and towards the end of this cycle, it draws the refrigerant vapor and pressurizes it again to set the cycle in motion again.

JILEC A/C compressors go through rigorous testing through the manufacturing process to ensure the unit adheres to most stringent of original manufacturing standards. Be it a new compressor or remanufactured, they are quality assured regardless.

For remanufactured components, we check every detail from pistons and thrust bearings to valve and swash plates and snap rings, and replace anything that shows the slightest of difference in integrity and/or functionality.