Filters play an important role in keeping your car cleansed of impurities. At JILEC, we produce air, cabin and oil filters that arrest dust, pollen, and sludge respectively, keeping them from entering your ride and thereby ensuring your vehicle is always running at peak efficiency.

Air Filters

In keeping with our promise of delivering the very best in car air filter technology, JILEC has introduced a new three-layer filter. This increases the overall capture range of polluting particulates entering the engine when compared to conventional single-layered air filters.

Additionally, the use of customized molding for the seals eliminates even the bleakest chance of particulate spilling out of the filter into the system. The same technology has a secondary advantage in that it makes installation of the filter in its housing a breeze.

Cabin Filters

An often ignored aspect, cabin filters offer a heightened degree of protection to driver and passengers in a car from pollutants in the atmosphere. They trap pollen, dust and other irritants that might enter through your car’s HVAC system.

JIILEC’s range of cabin filters come in three variants – charcoal, particulate and electrostatic that are designed to trap ultra-fine particulates as low as 0.0001 microns. Similarly, charcoal filter types not only eliminate the odor of the likes of exhaust fumes but also that of cigarette smoke.

Oil Filters  

Our oil filters go above and beyond the base standards for market grade filters. Our filters designs employ less aesthetic appeal and more functionality. As a result, we are able to offer the same warranty at par with any premium OEM filter at a less expensive price point.

The two-layer filter media offers maximum engine protection whereas features like the anti-drainback and molded O-ring produce a tight seal that checks against oil drainage. The steel case ensures that the filter maintains its structural integrity even in the most trying of situations whereas its unique design prevents against under torquing; a major cause for leaks.