Evaporators, condensers, and radiators are different types of heat exchangers and while their functioning might be slightly different from one another, they are nevertheless important to keep the engine and/or A/C operating temperatures under check. Better cooling technology means less chance of your car’s engine or A/C unit overheating.


At JILEC, we ensure our condenser designs match up to their OEM counterparts in every aspect. Constructed from premium, lightweight aluminum, the extra zinc based diffusion layer offers superior corrosion resistance while significantly improving reliability attribute of the component.

Since the primary function of a condenser is to absorb heat from the A/C unit’s refrigerant and then dissipate it into the atmosphere, the design of the tubes and fins have been fine-tuned so as to promote full refrigerant condensation through improved heat transfer.

This enables your A/C compressor to produce better efficiency while consuming less power.   


Similar to a condenser, your car radiator too absorbs heat and distributes it into the atmosphere. However, it is a cooling system meant for the car engine. Typically, a coolant after absorbing heat from the engine is made to run through the radiator tubes to be cooled down before entering into the engine again.

In that regard, JILEC’s radiators are the forefront of engine cooling technology employing the latest innovations to bring about unmatched reliability and engine performance.

With a choice of copper or aluminum core mixed with different flow configurations, our radiators are designed to last thus increasing the life of your car engine.