JILEC manufactures select automotive components that are at par with the highest standards set by the auto industry. Built for total efficiency, effortless fitting, and unmatched durability, here is a list of our most popular OEM grade spare parts.  

A/C Components

Parts like the receiver drier, accumulator and expansion devices form a vital trifecta of components for the smooth and unhindered functioning of your car’s A/C system. Then, there is our patented compressor unit; rightly known as the heart of a car’s A/C system. When choosing any of these components, the best strategy is to pick close to OEM standard.

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Heat Exchange Units

Evaporators, condensers, and radiators are different types of heat exchangers and while their functioning might be slightly different from one another, they are nevertheless important to keep the engine and/or A/C operating temperatures under check. Better cooling technology means less chance of your car’s engine or A/C unit overheating.  

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Filters play an important role in keeping your car cleansed of impurities. At JILEC, we produce air, cabin and oil filters that arrest dust, pollen, and sludge respectively, keeping them from entering your ride and thereby ensuring your vehicle is always running at peak efficiency.

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